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Custom default avatars

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I have been looking at the default avatar that I have for people to use, and decided that I really do not like it! I know that I will create a better one in the future, but I figured I would allow any user to be able to use their own. All you have to do is append “&default=URL to Default Image“. The URL you enter is the direct link to the default image and should only be a .jpg, .gif, or .png. Other images will not show correctly. The size of the image will not be changed, so make sure your default image is the size that you want. For a quick example of the default avatar, view the following link [NOTE: spaces were added to the link to allow for correct viewing on the page. The URL actually has NO spaces]: &size=20 &default=

How about we recap the link again? The “email=” value is the email address you are looking to view after it is hashed using md5 (with a blank seed). The “size=” can be 20, 40, 60, 80, or 100. It is the size of the avatar that you are downloading. The only time this size does not work is when a default avatar URL is specified in the link. If you use the generic default image for emails addresses without an avatar, the sizing will work. Last, we have the ability to use your own default avatar instead of the generic one. Just add “default=” and the URL to the image and it will be the default image for your site.

One last note. Since I am not good at design, if anyone creates a great Default Avatar and would not mind others using it, I would love to see it. Leave a link to the image in the comments below. The best image that I see will be changed into the new default Avatar for Blogatar!

December 26th, 2006