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How do you retrieve avatars?

December 24th, 2006

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The retrieval of avatars is quite simple right now. All you have to do is type in the URL ““. ***ADDITION*** The yourEmail portion of the URL must now be md5 hashed. This has been added to better secure email addresses of your readers. If you are not familiar with md5 hashing, I suggest you take a look at and read up on what it is and how you can do it. ***END ADDITION*** Every avatar comes in multiple sizes. To specify a size, add “&size=selectedSize“. The sizes you can specify are 100 (image of 100px x 100px), 80 (80px x 80px), 60 (60px x 60px), 40 (40px x 40px), and 20 (20px x 20px). If you do not specify a size or specify an incorrect size, the size will default to 60. If an incorrect email address is entered or the email address does not have an avatar, the default avatar will be given. Here is an example link to get an avatar (which is my avatar) [NOTE: spaces were added to the link to allow for correct viewing on the page. The URL actually has NO spaces]: &size=100

Eric Willis has already showed interest in creating a WordPress plugin for Blogatar. I am highly thankful for this. I know that it is things like this that will help make Blogatar successful! I am going to look into how to make a Movable Type plugin. I do not know Perl, but if I can make it in php I will start working on it. If anyone else is interested in helping out by making a plugin or suggesting a product that a plugin would be nice to have, leave a comment.

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